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Comme ci, comme ca by Emocienne Comme ci, comme ca :iconemocienne:Emocienne 1 0 Dark Room by Emocienne Dark Room :iconemocienne:Emocienne 0 0 Reflections by Emocienne Reflections :iconemocienne:Emocienne 1 1
Guiltless, whatever you are
Now, this is not what I always prove
Nor is it something I look forward to
The only machine that works is you
And when I make you move
You have not anything to fear
The reasons are simple
Perhaps, you may not like them
But that is the effect
You will see how it goes
This efficiency will take you far
Until the fluid leaves and lays you bare
I will not laugh anymore
Neither will I cry
For there is nothing that makes me
A rocky ride for all of us
And then a giving of thanks for your economy
Merry men  are those making the money
After which no machine will work
A path is long centered on useless gravity
This is the loser's edition
Volume 29 and counting
:iconemocienne:Emocienne 2 1
Make My Way Where?
When it's time to leave
and ashes blacken on overturned seats
from here it's uneven netting set at sea
When time has become astral
wan of anything unwanted
like this being  long exhausted
Here I've seen things
in hungry moments
and  the sun was lost
from creating tears
unto fallen leaves
This is black autumn, my black autumn coming
when every little twig and soil harbor neglect
I do not know how far I must see...
my blurred edges
cropped from heavy falling feet
how can it be that you are lost
My little me?
For love I did not harbor
For love I did not live
For love is no place
In arenas where beings play rabid
Continued is this unending drone
from a time no one knows
then I grew to be merely hindered
for there is nothing that faulty lines can mend
:iconemocienne:Emocienne 2 1
Sun's Hiding by Emocienne Sun's Hiding :iconemocienne:Emocienne 0 0 Orange Road by Emocienne Orange Road :iconemocienne:Emocienne 0 0 The Mountain by Emocienne The Mountain :iconemocienne:Emocienne 5 0 Variety by Emocienne Variety :iconemocienne:Emocienne 3 6
static messages in keyholed fashion
make every move incessant
upon hearing the mission in attest
there is a little bulb speaking of itself
whenever words of wisdom advance
infinitesimal appearances in every possibility
but who can deny every little thing said
when the greater sphere is more than an idiotic mind
and the outer shell is incomplete and profound
while sheets of ice continue to fall
and every  utter is sounded
there can be no signal of hope
for death should come sooner in
snowlike appendages
then as the lawyer's oath is pledged
leading the matter undeniably questionable
it is  justified by evil birds seen in skies
all roaming and sorrowing
for that one little crown
eventually  helped by a god
soiled and calloused  hands examine
a manner gone too great
since blood spurts until dry
and the ground furnishes more ruins
pondered the memory and the bulk
money and greed join hands
to create time capsules
hurtling, roaming, and slowly clashing
:iconemocienne:Emocienne 0 0
This by Emocienne This :iconemocienne:Emocienne 3 0 Sun by Emocienne Sun :iconemocienne:Emocienne 2 1
Listen here, Sir:
All apprehensions shall be gone from you
And the very core of your soul shall be cast away
Into the oblivious past that you have so very hard worked for
There is a deed that has gone astray and only a memory remains
But if you may listen deep when the orchestration starts
You shall see the many things that have come and gone
I shall not be your witness
But the one that is listening at that very door
Shall be your most important being
When hail and thunder sound and begin a reign of plunder and envy
Look down upon yourself and profess your loyalty
Honesty shall be your warranty and you shall not want anything more
Reasons have made a calling to hand over the gun and the son who owns it
From which you shall take a bullet and bury it in the ground for safekeeping
As it poisons the soil and yields a vein to your body,
Make it a point that judging the blood in you is truth without apprehension
When the movement charges into the forest of darkness and weaves a phantom of li
:iconemocienne:Emocienne 0 2
Above by Emocienne Above :iconemocienne:Emocienne 2 3
New World
A thing is a grave when it has not made bearers of humble knowledge
When each is asked if he features guilt in his blood
He is fast to crouch behind his wall
Glowering to all those present here
A room bearing no restrictions bears a fact born with emotion
And something previously thought begins to become not so true
Resulting in the growth of conscience seeking out the fragments
On behalf that all is awareness of kin
When all feeling begins an avalanche of barren hope
This society's breathing
Hatched by nonsense
Creates no equals
The evildoers are cast down
Towards this crowded utopia in the process of tossing coins
A handful then one more
Heads battling Tails
Jury upon Jury
And Mediation...
In apparent decision
An ending not called for integrity brings the being towards nothing
A striking detail of foreign objectives
This must be a telling change
A cause hardly unavailable
:iconemocienne:Emocienne 1 0
Ghost veins gossip
With every minor mistake
These took from me
The very idea to grow
To shape answers in varied forms
But it is rarely true
That these veins will leave quietly
Because all of the measures
That you observe in them
Are discernible
Like bubbles growing from the deep
Slowly battling and cavorting
Neither boasts of its casing
Each only has to know
How to rise in unhurried bursts
:iconemocienne:Emocienne 2 0


Music is passion,
It's true what they say
And once its inside you,
It never goes away(Ah...)
The first time you feel it,
Then you will know
So grab ahold of the music,
And don't ever let it go
Just drive and drown
Give in to the sound!
And cry it out loud!
(Just drive and drown)
Straight to the top!
We're not coming down!
(Just drive and drown)
Alone in the world!
No-one else around!
(Drive and drive and drown)
Give in to the sound!
Scream it out loud!
Just drive and drive and drown
(Scream it out loud!)
(Drive and drown)
(Not coming down!)
Just drive and drive and drown
Music is life,
It's true what they say
And if you bleed it,
Everything can change(Ah...)
I dream in music,
And that's how I know,
Once its inside you,
Its scored deep into your soul!(Just drive and drown)
Give in to the sound!
And cry it out loud!
(Just drive and drown)
Straight to the top!
We're not coming down!
(Just drive and drown)
Alone in the world!
No-one else around!
(Drive and drive and drown)
Give in to the s
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 8 6
Love Beyond the Window
When I was young, I believed in fairy tales.
I believed that if your heart willed it,
That love could overcome anything.
That one day, two lovers could always be together.
But those were simple lies I think...

After all, how does one reach across a window;
Reach across a screen...
To hold someone on the other side,
Before they slip through your fingers.
Like a lonely dance between air and water,
I can only stand on the surface of the lake,
And see her smiling on the other side.

Sometimes, I would draw pictures on the surface;
These thin useless arms of mine scrawling tiny doodles,
And she would smile and reply to each one:

Including a heart, for 'I love you'...

And each time I would feel,
As though I could soar through any distance,
As though I could run a hundred miles.
If only so I could see you;
If only because I missed you...
But enough I say...

Enough of this life
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 313 67
Capgras delusion
I read about people whose
brains one day
decide a lover's eyes are
too right framed by a voice
and touch like soft fur in
your lap, on your face
and remembered you drinking
my bathwater
before you crawled
in on me, abuses soaking
and matting down around
your lap, above your face.
I remembered that first time
you had me just leave
it for you and I heard you
dunking your head in lukewarm,
filmy stranger. You sat beside
me later, dripping tears maybe to
your lap, from your face
and as the drain was pulled, there was me
still clipping nails, leaving them out
for you with milk and old hairs from
the pillow, your eyes' light straying often
to my lap, but not my face.
:iconwataqo:Wataqo 86 51
Sleep Child.
Sleep child
Pretend the carousel of life doesn't make you queasy
Dance in the spider webs they ensnare you within
To eventually drain you.
Dance child
Entangle the strings attached to your body and soul
Let them try to solve the knots and tangles
Slip away when cut.
Sing child
Let your silent cries call out to Heaven above
Deafen the devils and the tormentors of Hell
Even though you're mute.
Kill child
Make them pay and make them all bleed out
Shroud them in spider webs and their dangling threads
Then go to sleep.
:iconridderkvinden:Ridderkvinden 251 91
Rainbow Cloud by panda69680102 Rainbow Cloud :iconpanda69680102:panda69680102 48 14
My Sweet Revenge
(So softly...)You drift away,
You've had a taste,
Of just what you face
So many years,
Have been erased
Now cry...
As you fall...from my grace...
Give a cheer, yeah, let me hear,
Look through my eyes...and see...
Your fear...
The future you thought you could escape...
Is so...
So, give a cheer,
For my sweet revenge
I've lost my mind,
I've come unhinged,
And you...will pay...
For everything!
You'll feel my pain!
When done...I...
Will be all that remains!
(Give a cheer, for my sweet revenge)
All...! That remains!
(Give a cheer, for my sweet revenge)
A bloody all you've left...
To me! Get on your knees!
And beg and plead!
For some sympathy!
For my mercy...!
But it's not...forthcoming...
I have decided...that's not what you need...
Give a cheer, yeah, let me hear,
Look through my eyes...and see...
Your fear...
The future you thought you could escape...
Is so...
So, give a cheer,
For my sweet revenge
I've lost my mind,
I've come unhinged,
And you...will pay.
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 24 18
You try to breathe, but you're barely breathing,
You can't think clearly; you can barely speak.
Your mind is filled with needless thoughts.
Your cheeks are red and feverish...
You know what you must do,
But you can't bring yourself to do it.
Instead you jump into a thousand distractions...
Mindlessly seeking the thrill of the 'anything',
You cringe at the progress of time on the clock.
And with lips gone dry from an internal hell-fire
You continue to evade what you cannot face...
-Chen Yuan Wen, 22nd June 2013
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 493 76
Pink Clouds by taskuezra Pink Clouds :icontaskuezra:taskuezra 2 0 Untill the end by VexingArt Untill the end :iconvexingart:VexingArt 278 9 Renaissance China by magikalmaiNtenance Renaissance China :iconmagikalmaintenance:magikalmaiNtenance 15 7 Sunrise on the lake by Fiamella Sunrise on the lake :iconfiamella:Fiamella 2 0 Rodopi mountains by FinTaRa Rodopi mountains :iconfintara:FinTaRa 10 2
Red and Gold
Red and gold, they light the eyes
Then float down softly, like butterflies
They dance and sway
All the while decay
Yet still the hearts that hold
The fluttering red and gold
:iconoxidizing-angel:Oxidizing-Angel 3 12
Harvest by PinkParasol Harvest :iconpinkparasol:PinkParasol 2,257 293



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